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Cas 79099073 1boc4piperidone Wickr goltbiotech6

  • Country Pakistan
  • City Awaran
  • Price 10 PKR



Rick Lee
Wickr: goltbiotech6

Whatsapp/Skype : +86 15339137020

Xi’an Golt Biotech Co., Ltd

Product name:N-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-4-piperidone

CAS :79099-07-3
MW :199.25
Density :1.1249 (rough estimate)
BP :336.77°C (rough estimate)​
MP: 73-77 °C (lit.)
Color: white to slightly yellow

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WhatsApp/Telegram: +8615339137020


Wickr: goltbiotech6

Xi’an Golt Biotech Co., Ltd.

Seller Information:

Name: Rick Lee

Number:  0945-93686** ( Click to View Number )

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