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ThreemaBUFM9WZT High Purity BK42B4M 2bromo4methylpropiophenone

  • Country Pakistan
  • City Adezai
  • Price 10 PKR


More research chemical details, kindly contact with me:

Telegram/Signal:+86 13297085733

WhatsApp:+44 739 449 4821









We do regular shipments to Europe (Netherlands Australia Belgium France Poland Lithuania Latvia Ethiopia ), We can ship 300kg~1000kgs with no customs problems, 100% safe is guaranteed. We can also customize the purity according to your requirement.


Gurantee 100% safe shipping, free of EU customs clearance. We will ship by special line that shipping company do custom clearance and deliver to door. 100% safe delivery!


Hot Selling list:



CAS 1119-51-3  5-Bromo-1-pentene

CAS 7553-56-2  Iodine ball

CAS 16940-66-2  BH4Na

CAS 71368-80-4  Bromazolam

Bdo liquid  1,4 bdo CAS 110-63-4

CAS 705-60-2    P2NP powder



CAS 28578-16-7  PMK Oil

CAS 49851-31-2  2-Bromo-1-Phenyl-Pentan-1-One

CAS 5413-05-8   Ethyl 2-Phenylacetoacetate

CAS 62-44-2   Phenacetin


Sarms powder:

CAS 841205-47-8  OSTARINE MK2866

CAS 401900-40-1  Andarine S4

CAS 1010396-29-8  S23

CAS 159752-10-0  Ibutamoren MK677

CAS 1379686-30-2  Stenabolic SR9009

CAS 899821-23-9  ACP-105

CAS 1370003-76-1  Myostine YK-11


Steriods powder:

CAS 58-22-0      Testosterone

CAS 58-18-4      Methy Testosterone

CAS 434-22-0   Nandrolone base

CAS 846-48-0   Boldenone

CAS 3381-88-2   Methasterone

Seller Information:

Name: Wire cielxia

Number: Phone number is not shared.

Don’t forget to tell about SALE BABA when call to seller.

ThreemaBUFM9WZT High Purity BK42B4M 2bromo4methylpropiophenone

Adezai, Pakistan
9 Apr 2024
Wire Cielxia
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